A downloadable game for Windows

A symmetric shared screen competitive game. You and your opponent are Samurai and must use your surroundings to your advantage. Grass hides your position from you and your opponent. Be careful as a single blow is deadly.

Hide in and cut grass
Flocks of birds give you away
A single blow kills


Note: Unfortunately the only way to play this game right now is with 2 Gamepads on one machine. I hope to fix this shortly by adding 2 player keyboard support.

  • Left Stick – Move Samurai
  • A Button – Change Stance (Duck / Stand )
  • A Button (Hold) – Lay Proximity Trap
  • B Button – Wiggle the grass *Use while ducked to secretly find your position 
  • X Button – Attack
  • X Button (Hold) – Charge dash (Press X again during dash to do a slash)

Install instructions

Download and unzip. Run exe.


Blades_of_Grass_v0.5.zip 29 MB