A downloadable game for Windows

NOTE: This game only runs correctly at 1280x720


Play as a Virus, your goal is to attack and kill the host cell. You must attack the host cell for a total of 10 seconds to subdue it, but watch out white blood cells swarm during an attack. Use you repel ability to create space and make another attack.


  • Left Mouse Click- Move virus
  • Right Mouse Click (download version) – Attack host cell when close
  • LCTRL (web version) – Attack host cell when close
  • Spacebar – Repel white blood cells


  • Repel stuns white blood cells, while they're stunned hitting them does damage to the white blood cell, but not you
  • Save a little of your energy (Blue hex cells) to make a getaway
  • Use the edges of play field to roll by white blood cells

*Made as part of Ludum Dare 27 - Theme '10 seconds'

Install instructions

Download and uncompress zip file, run ViralAttack.exe


ViralAttack.zip 18 MB